We perform out-of-warranty repairs on your Apple computers from our Sainte-Maxime workshop.

HS Hard Disk

Your Mac does not start anymore, it remains stuck on the apple. Certainly your hard drive is HS. In general a particular noise emanates from your hard disk: a crackling, a click, a whistling or worse: more noises at all! To recover the data in this case, it may be a little more complicated. Either we can recover the data in a software way (sometimes with a long delay)

The Solution That Speaks to You

For more than 3 years now, Max Media's ambition has been to offer the MacUser the best service at the best price, and the efforts have paid off since the shop is a reference to Sainte-Maxime in repair and advice oriented Apple, which symbolizes this ambition and we thank all our loyal customers. Count on us to ensure rapid support and diagnosis in less than 24 hours. 

Our repairs

Broken Glass Replacement LCD Screen Replacement, Hull Replacement, Button Replacement, Battery Replacement That Does Not Charge, Audio Connector Replacement, Charger Connector Replacement, Battery Replacement, iPhone Dewatering Falling Into Water, Unlock IOS, Restore IO System

As a reminder, all our repairs are guaranteed in 3 and 6 months, subject to proper use of your device. If the replacement part proves to be defective, we replace it immediately and, of course, without charge